10 Cities that you have to visit if you’re in Morocco

Morocco and it’s fascinating culture, a country full of color warmth and charm, from stunning landscapes to beautiful architecture sceneries the kingdom is a home of uncountable beautiful towns, each one of them has it’s unique style, culture, colours and soul adding to the country a richness and diversification.  That was a bit hard to shrink all morocco to a list of 10 cities but here are the most beautiful places to visit, ordered from the north to south.


Also called the detroit city, or the gateway to africa, it’s the closest city to Spain less than 14 km to Gibraltar a big flow of travellers are passing by every year, this city is known by its spanish influence, something that you can notice through the architecture, the food and also the population during the 1920s tangier has an international status governed colonial powers and became a destination for many europeans and americans till the independence of morocco in 1956. the multicultural status attracted a lot of great artists writers and composers like Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams Allen Ginsberg, Brion Gysin … and the rolling stones. Tangier still a very popular tourist destination for cruise ships and day visitors from all the mediterranean sea and especially from spain.

In tangier there are a bunch of places to visit from Sour Meêgazine where you can see the beautiful view of the port from the top and enjoy a walk through  the old medina to the mythique Haffa café … you can visit also cap spartel where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and also the achekkar beach one of the most beautiful beaches in all the country. and don’t forget to pass by the Caves of Hercules which is an archaeological cave complex located 14km west of tangier


The blue city or the blue perle, located in the dramatic Rif Mountains in the north of morocco, Chefchaouen is known by its blue paintings everywhere, literally all the houses inside the old medina are painted in blue, and the city is surrounded by a rough green and brown mountain scenery what gives it that contrast and also the opportunity of taking great pictures if you go to some high points.

There is also a famous waterfall conducting to a river crossing this beautiful blue city all across the river you will find a bunch of charming coffee shops, restaurants and unique building such a great place to chill.


named also the heart of moroccan culture it’s by far the oldest city in morocco known by it’s ancient medina which has bees designated Unesco world heritage  it’s also the second largest city in the country. Fes nevertheless feel like a much smaller town because of its unique charm and character, in the ancient medina we can count more than 9000 Narrow streets creating a labyrinth that you are bound to get totally lost in. Fes also is also known by multiple islamic schools called “Medrassas” that you can get in and visit, it has also the oldest university in the world that still working it’s the islamic university of “Al Karaouine”. the tannery in fes is the largest one in morocco and where you see how the pure handmade leather is processed. also outside the wall surrounding the old town you find the royal palace “Dar el Makhzen” and the jewish neighborhood called “Mellah” and the Synagogue Ibn Danan and the beautiful garden Jnan Sbil …

this city as a whole offers many outstanding examples of islamic and moresque architecture all the monuments and the houses are beautifully decorated with tilling and Arabesque / Floral patterns making of Fez an open air museum … Fes also is known by it’s variety of street food there are a bunch of options from meat barbecue to pastilla couscous and the famous steamed chicken stuffed with vermicelli such a yummy dish that you can have on the go at “Achabine” the most known area by its various good street food  options.


A great small town known by its Swiss / French architecture called also the switzerland of morocco, the city is located in the middle of a big forest within the high atlas mountains the weather is very cold during the winter with sme snowfalls and very friendly during the summer … the architecture has the modern aesthetics that you can see through beautifully organized blocks of European inspired Chalets and a large number of green spaces gardens and parks. all those components Create such a Oasis of lushness and tranquility. within the regions you can find also many natural parks and attractions like waterfalls,natural water sources, forest populated by monkeys and rare species of birds


The recent capital of morocco since the French colonialism and one of the oldest cities in Rabat, labelled recently the city of lights, known mainly by it’s gorgeous hassan Tower, the mythique kasbah des Oudayas and the Chellah ruins built by the roman empire and restored by the islamic dynasty of Marinid. the old town of Rabat is also surrounded by a big wall and inside is a large market where you can find all sorts of food clothing tech and traditional artisans, leather, copper, wood and textile. the bouregreg river separate Rabat from it’s sister Salé also an old city with it’s old medina. across the river you must visit the traditional fishing port which is also the oldest link between Rabat and salé back in the days before building the bridges … and you still can cross the river by boat.


The economical capital and the largest city of all Morocco, Casablanca is known by it’s huge stunning Hassan 2 Mosque a Modern edifice with an authentic moroccan touch built by the king Hassan 2, the central market and the Mohamed 5 avenue are also a must see while your casablanca tour it’s where you will see the french architecture and where you will have the yummiest meals of fish in all morocco. the Ain Diab beach is a large corniche where located the most famous hotels, clubs and malls if you’re into that that’s a must too.


the capital of tourists, one of the most popular cities for all morocco visitors, it’s an unmissable destination for those who want to experience the real beauty of moroccan history and culture, the old town is striked by it’s abundant markets with a labyrinth of alleys and souks showing treasures in every corner, from aromatic plants and spices to colorful carpets and textiles, brass lamps, jewelry, leather work … the city also is labelled the red city famed for the most dominant color of all the buildings. the surrounding landscape around the red city is breathtaking you can see during the winter and spring time the snow capped high atlas mountains in the distance


Essaouira is one of the most kept secrets, generally it’s less crowded due to it’s windy and misty weather it’s a coastal city with a big traditional harbor port, charmin souks, cafes and restaurants with the most wonderful romantic views … Essaouira is also known by the annual Gnaoua world music festival, in the 1960 the seaside town was a destination hangout for famous icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob marley, the beatles and Led Zeppelin.


labeled Hollywood of morocco, it may look familiar to you due to the number of movies produced there such as Gladiator (2000), The Mummy (1999), game of thrones, prison break, babel, the kingdom of heaven and much more … the atlas studios is one of the largest movie studios in the word in terms of land area which you can visit for less than 5 euros as an entry fee. the town also is famed for the numerous examples of berber kasbahs including Ait benhaddou designated unesco world heritage


With a huge busy port and a various choice of beach resorts Agadir is one of Morocco’s finest holiday destination, the entire city was rebuild in 1960 du to an earthquake and it’s designed the visitor in mind. people come here from all over the world to enjoy the 300 days of sun all around the year, the winter time it get rarely cold enough for you to need long sleeves. it’s a No°1 destination for sun, sand, pubs and great fish and pizzas.

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