10 reasons why you should hire a tour guide in Morocco (2021 edition)

Travelling to a new destination is always full of excitement, romance, hesitation and curiosity. Travelling with a tour guide might get you more freedom, comfort and efficiency, we tried to gather some of the strongest reasons that might give you a better perspective to hire a tour guide Here in Morocco summed up in 10 different ideas :

  • Tour guides are struggling after the corona crisis

Most of the tour guides whom tourism is their main source of income are really struggling to sustain their families lives and afford the necessities. It been a tough period of 16 months, and many guides were forced to look for alternatives and ways to put some food on their tables. Now and since the beginning of June, with the ease of restrictions and moroccan borders opening back again for tourism most of tour guides started seeing light at the end  of the tunnel. in conclusion Hiring a tour will help the industry a lot and help the community of tour guides and bring joy to families.

  • break the language barrier

Many moroccans can speak up to three languages easily, Darija “Moroccan Arabic” is spoken by 96%, second on the list is the Amazigh language which is spoken by 36% of  the population and french is spoken by 33% of Moroccans, as for English it’s only 14% … a tour guide that can speak perfectly your language is always helpful to get you through the old towns and spots that are more for locals where most of the awkward situations, weird conversations with small shop owners and locals that can only speak their mother tongue can happen.

  • Get answers to all your questions

Wether if you’re an experienced international traveller or coming to Morocco as your first destination abroad, you will be curious and intrigued by the fascinating moroccan culture, architecture, food and way of life in general … so for sure you’ll have a ton of questions to ask and what’s better that having someone showing you around and giving you answers from a local perspective.

  • Understand all what you see and all what you pass by

For a traveller knowing the details and stories of famous landmarks as well as less known information and facts that only locals knows about is a pretty big deal, with a tour guide you will be able to know many hidden facts and details that you will not find on the internet … a tour guide will also point to many small bits and deets that you will not even notice, what give a complete different experience  rather than just exploring on your own.

  • Knowing the ingredients of foods you’re attempted to try

while walking between some streets on your vacation somewhere you smelled something that intrigued you, some food that smells so good, you follow your senses and arrive at the shop but it doesn’t look as it smells and you wanted to ask what’s in there but no one to answer your questions, the guys there are smiling and pointing to what they’re selling but cannot speak the language …  I bet you’ve been in this situation … Getting sick due to food while travelling is the worst thing that can happen during a vacation, and that can be caused by many reasons like Food allergies, Food poisoning, your body adaptation to a new ingredient, Strong spices and recipes … despite the fact that you will visit unknown food stalls and hidden gems and restaurant in a city, being with a tour guide will makes your life way much easier, he will explain every food you stop by, talk about the ingredients, advise the way to consume it, and the right quantity for you and even share with you the recipe. In our foodie tours also we care a lot about safety and cleanliness of the places we visit, our tour guide knows the shops that are reputable for their quality ingredients and cares about the safety of their clients and our guests

  • Making great memories connections and friends abroad

we all travel for memories and human connections, we love the destination mainly because of the warmth, the hospitality, the friendliness and the human element in that place. Local tour guides are always passionate about their job, because they love their area they feel the belonging to there, they will put all the effort into showing you the beauty of it … it is pretty easy to have such good, deep and rich conversation with a tour guide and those shared experiences are usually the most memorable and what also create good impression and memories. Many of our guests are still in touch with us and  we speak to each other on a regular basis, many of them have came back for many time just to meet, have great time and hangout, and that’s why we really love our job and we’re passionate about it we cannot be thankful enough for those wonderful opportunities.

  • live a true local experience

Having that cup of tea with a friend in his shop, greeting everyone in the streets, stopping by local markets and having local snacks,  passing by unknown streets and alleyways is what makes a true local experience, most of the travelers are now looking for the local experience and being with a tour guide enables you to do so.

  • make the most of your time

Avoiding rush hour trafic, knowing the shortcuts, knowing the normal and exceptional opening hours of attractions, all those give the locals the right tools for getting around easily and you also in your city you do use this knowledge on a daily basis, but when you’re abroad visiting another city you will need to spend time to get those tools. Touring with a guide will always help you time wise, getting to a destination fast, seeing many things within one day and making sure to time properly your visits and commutes is our job us tour guides so to take advantage of this experience  you would better hire one.

  • Great insider knowledge

We travel seeking for different perspective from different cultures, we seek good enlightening conversations, rich human experiences and that will happen if you meet a local with some strong cultural, historical, social and economical knowledge.

  • Safety, cultural mistakes & problem solving

Even that safety is not a huge concern here in Morocco, but very recommended to hire a tour guide especially in your nature explorations, when you’re hiking, swimming in a lake, mountain climbing many dangers are recognized by Locals and experienced tour guides. also in many situation tourist mistakes can cost you some money or a bit from your comfort, like if you’re driving a rental car the local laws might be confusing, or also cultural mistakes that might get people somewhat angry on you … those are just some examples or situation that you might consider avoiding by hiring a tour guide.

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