7 foods you must eat if you’re in Morocco

Morocco is known by it’s diversity and it’s great food, it’s a mix between European culture, arab and mediterranean cuisine and for sure the Moroccan original cuisine, it’s a carrefour of flavours that’s probably new for you. Our gastronomy is influenced by many civilisation through history from Berbers, Jewish, Arabs To French and Spanish. so as food tour company we’ve listed in this article 7 famous dishes that you need to try if you’re traveling to Morocco.


The national dish, you can find it at most restaurants and cafes especially in fridays because in our traditions it’s served fridays (the muslim holy day) and it’s a family rendez-vous everyone must show-up. it’s a dish based on steamed semolina as a base and we put on the top of it Vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, chickpeas, zucchini, broadbean, beets, cabbage …) plus meat or chicken.
Sometimes it can be served with meat, sweet onions and raisins we call this variety “couscous with Tfaya” if you like to mix sweet and salty flavours that’s what you should get.


That’s what you will have in a casual day … it’s a clay slow cooking pot with a conical lid with multiple types of dishes cooked inside, beef with plums or vegetables, chicken with lemon and olives or vegetables, meatballs with tomatoes, liver and onions, goats meat with veggies  … so basically the tagine is the pot and you can customize whatever you want to have on it, and in every region the taste gonna change a bit but you will find it in every corner road side restaurants and cafes and also nice and fancy places.


based on chicken and sweet almond, it’s a flaky crunchy pie that you will love if you’re into mixin the salty and sweet flavours but if not there is also the fish and seafood variety which is 100% salty and rich of flavours, this is a typical dish for special occasions like weddings or family special gathering.


You will find in most of the cities some shops selling fried spicy sardines you can compose your sandwich out of sardines some eggplant, bell pepper and potato balls (maakouda), tomatoes and onions … you choose your ingredients and you’re good to go if you’re on a budget or just walking around that’s a good lunch option.


who doesn’t like barbecue … mechoui is grilled meat it can beef, lamb, liver, chicken, turkey, meatballs or sausages of course rubbed in the moroccan spices … it’s served usually with grilled onions and tomatoes such a yummy meal for barbecue meat lovers. you will notice the enormous clouds of smoke in a bunch of places


Or broad beans soup perfect for mornings breakfasts if you’re starting a long day or just at the evening as a starter before dinner it’s a speciality from the north of morocco but you can find it almost anywhere … we put usually on the top of it some sumin and olive oil and if you like some red hot pepper powder

Mint tea

the national drink, that you will find everywhere … sometimes it’s for free and also it’s usually a welcoming drink. It’s a very common beverage based on green tea with fresh mint leaves normally with sugar. and you can find depending on which season different fresh aromatic plants like thyme, verbena (vervain),  marjoram, sage … something that it can be mixed all together in one tea pot.

Bonus :
As a dessert Try the Moroccan pastry which goes fantastically with the moroccan mint tea there is a bunch of varieties we can name the famous ones Chebakia, kaab ghzal (Corne de gazelle), Briouates, Ghriyba, Fekkas

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