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Is it safe for women to travel to Morocco?

Short and straight answer, HECK YEAHH !!! here are the details, tips and tricks to travel secure and safely in Morocco 😉 Moroccan Food Tour has been frequently contacted by female travelers who wish to visit Morocco, but they remain … Read More

Moroccan cuisine explained by its flavours and its cooking cooking styles

Moroccan cuisine is a perfect picture that reflects the complex history of the Kingdom of Morocco and the intertwining of the different populations, cultures and religions, which led to a rich ethno-religious diversity. The local culinary culture of the Amazigh … Read More

Legal use and production of cannabis in Morocco

The Moroccan government had already approved a bill on the legal use of cannabis in the near future. This bill would consist of allowing cannabis farmers in Morocco to join “cooperatives” and market their products to companies specialized in health … Read More

Moroccan Street Food Tours Youtube series With Luke and Sabrina from @ChopstickTravel

First let’s cheer you up with this announcement !! Moroccan Food Tour is about to welcome back to Morocco the two Canadian Youtubers Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson from @ChopstickTravel channel ( + 1M subscribers).   The final goal of … Read More

Relations between Morocco and Israel, jewish heritage, great history and values are in the spotlight

The identity, history and values ​​of the Kingdom of Morocco are reconciled with the past. It’s with great joy and gratitude that we have received the news of the relations resumption between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel. Morocco, a … Read More

The Perfect Combo to boost your Immune System VS Coronavirus

The perfect combo to boost your immune system and get ready for this flu season, getting all what mother nature has offered for the bees to keep them safe, hardworking and living the best life, this set is composed from … Read More

We lunched Moroccan Food Shop

Moroccan Food Shop invites you to discover its high-end selection of the best 100% Moroccan local products, authentic, traditional and with typical flavors. Through this online store, we share with you the natural treasures of Morocco. www.shop.moroccanfoodtour.com The Shop offers … Read More

Is coronavirus transmissible through food?

Confined for several months, travelers from all over the world are impatient to take the roads and discover new horizons. Conscious of the current state of the world, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19), the new measures and restrictions … Read More

Coronavirus in Morocco: statistics, measures, restrictions and travel ban

As the information related to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) changes daily, in particular regarding it’s developments in the Kingdom of Morocco and  the authorities decisions about the legal provisions, the measures to follow and the travel bans and movement restrictions, … Read More

We lunched Moroccan Workshop

You do think you’re not an artisan? or especially if you do not not have the opportunity to try to be. This reflection was the trigger for “Moroccan WorkShop” concept, a platform offering tourists and local visitors of ancestral cities and … Read More