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Sea food: Fish, the star of Moroccan dishes!

As you may know, Morocco’s economy is based mainly on the fishing, agriculture and tourism sectors. The richness of the Moroccan coast is such that many countries (including Spain and Japan) try to take advantage of it. The country has … Read More

Moroccan food: A healthy lifestyle

Many of the ingredients found in Moroccan food promote good health, as Moroccan food tends to rely on whole food ingredients freshly prepared, sing herbs and spices for flavor rather than deep frying. Bread tends to be baked from whole grains, … Read More

The inescapable Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan mint tea is one of the many rites and traditions that surround tea. Although its history is quite recent, this recipe has been exported to many countries thanks to its refreshing virtues and its unique taste, which appeals to … Read More

A little tour of what you can eat in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is famous for the Tagine and the Couscous. For sure these two recipes are delicious, but Moroccan food is much more than just that. It is a feast of flavors. To talk about Moroccan cuisine, it is necessary … Read More

Morocco : Paradise of beautiful items here’s a Guide for shopping

Morocco: A paradise of beautiful items Morocco is a fascinating and exotic destination with many different reasons to visit. With a rich and ancient artisan tradition, the temptation of unbridled shopping is everywhere. While you wander through the medina of … Read More

How to go to the Sahara desert, all the possible ways and all thing to do in Merzouga golden dunes

On the road to the Moroccan dunes From Marrakech, the road to the desert is long. By car, a full day is necessary to reach both Zagora or Merzouga and not miss the sunset. Fortunately, the road is beautiful and … Read More

Inside the kitchen of a Moroccan Family

Our country, Morocco, is known for its breathtaking scenery, for its gastronomy to fall to the ground, for the warmth welcoming and friendliness of its inhabitants but especially for .. its families. Family is one of the most important elements … Read More

The world of spices

Making a dish is not easy or complicated, but it requires a recipe, a good technique and especially spices. A good Moroccan dish that respects itself consists of 90% of spices. A harmony of colors that punctuate our dishes and … Read More

The Famous Couscous

Couscous is THE dish that any self-respecting Moroccan family eat every Friday. Being the National dish of several countries from Morocco to Tunisia through Algeria, the couscous speaks to everyone but is cooked a thousand different ways, according to seasonal … Read More