Video recipes : Bissara Broad Beans / Green peas Soup

This a very simple soup made out of dry fava beans / broad beans or green peas it’s named Bissara and this is the traditional recipe :

Bissara Broad Beans / Green peas Soup

Ingredients : 1 Cup Dried beans 4 Cups Water Salt, garlic and olive oil, sweet smoked paprika and chili powder if you like some heat.

Method : Put the beans with water, garlic and a splash of olive oil in a large pan, put it in the stove for 45min medium to hight heat until it become very tender falling appart, blend everything, give it a taste and adjust if needed, add a hint of sweet smoked paprika just to give it a nice color, the tip of a spoon and optional the chili powder, bring back everything to boil and serve it HOT, topped with some olive oil and some dried herbs.


Served from Morocco with Love

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