Call to Donation

Call to Donation

We're collecting donations for Nomads families living in extreme conditions

Why Donating ?

we had such a wonderful experience with this nomads families and we want to giveback ... if you saw chopstick travel Morocco series we had such a great time with those very humble, generous, and hospitable families. they shared with us, with a big smile, all what they had with no hesitation and we were very welcomed. we felt part of their life even though it was for very short time, which created this motivation and urge to help and and ask you guys to contribute with us ... your contribution can be anything, money, clothes, shoes, books or a simple share to this page. we will be running this campaign from today Friday 4th June to Sunday 12th June.

Essential needs for those families

These families lack essential supplies for survival, and their children that attend school do not have the necessities like proper footwear, backpacks, pencils, notebooks, etc... With the major blow to tourism worldwide due to COVID, the nomads also experienced a major financial hit, as they can invite travellers like us to visit, eat and catch a glimpse of their daily life for a small fee. This is a nice way to preserve their traditions & culture, while making a few bucks to get by.

Clothes and shoes

Books and school supplies

Food & water

Some Money


How to donate and what to donate

You can follow the link bellow : 


And mention on the message field that this is a donation for the nomad families

Get in touch with us via email on contact@moroccanfoodtour.com or whatsapp +212657832662

Or send directly to our address 51 Rue ELkadi Bri Bri Akkari Rabat

we will be running this campaign from today Friday 4th June to Sunday 12th June.

If you have a question

Please send it here