Moroccan Food Tour Updates

We lunched Moroccan Workshop

You do think you’re not an artisan? or especially if you do not not have the opportunity to try to be. This reflection was the trigger for “Moroccan WorkShop” concept, a platform offering tourists and local visitors of ancestral cities and … Read More

A little tour of what you can eat in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is famous for the Tagine and the Couscous. For sure these two recipes are delicious, but Moroccan food is much more than just that. It is a feast of flavors. To talk about Moroccan cuisine, it is necessary … Read More

Moroccan History TimeLine

MOROCCAN FOOD TOUR -History TimeLine-   -2000: The first Amazigh King: 03 peoples and regions in North Africa. Moors (Morocco) Numides (Algeria, Tunisia, North Libya) Gétules (Sahara).  -1000: Phoenicians arrived: Language and religion Metals, New plants and spices. Trading hubs. … Read More

We lunched Moroccan Cooking class

Moroccan Cooking Class is a platform dedicated to culinary tourism activities related to Moroccan cuisine in general and specifically Cooking Classes, Available in Morocco in particular and in future Abroad. www.moroccancookingclass.com Launched by the founders of the concept of tasting … Read More

Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor

Moroccan Food Tour has recently been awarded the prestigious Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2019, a distinction awarded to agencies and companies as a form of recognition by travelers for the activities and services offered on the platform. This honorary certificate … Read More

What a Shame! A loss for all of us.

First of all our sincere condolences to the families of lisa and marry, may peace be open them souls, the moroccan food tour family feel so sorry for the loss of two beautiful free young spirits. No words are enough … Read More