Coronavirus in Morocco: statistics, measures, restrictions and travel ban

As the information related to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) changes daily, in particular regarding it’s developments in the Kingdom of Morocco and  the authorities decisions about the legal provisions, the measures to follow and the travel bans and movement restrictions, we’ll frequently update this article to keep you informed in real time of  the situation development and the evolution of events.

Since the start of this pandemic, the Kingdom of Morocco has been able to react effectively and quickly to the spread of the virus after noticing the damage in China and Europe. It must be said that the figures speak for themselves: Less than 8000 positive cases recorded since the beginning and a cure rate of 86.67% which far exceeds the world average, that is 47.61%. In terms of deaths, Morocco recorded a national total of 206 deaths unfortunately, with a fatality rate that’s still stable at 2.6%.

This situation is by no means a coincidence and it’s due to the explained points bellow;

  • Special fund Covid-19 established in mid-March.
  • Closure of schools, universities, public places, and non essential businesses.
  • Movements limitation and confinement measures.
  • Procedures of repatriation for moroccan citizens abroad who wish to go to return and taking care of those who have decided to stay. 
  • International travel ban and borders closure.
  • Acquisition of medical equipment, respirators and a big increase in resuscitation beds.
  • Production of 07 million face masks per day.
  • 13,000 tests per day and 24 operational laboratories across the country.
  • Wearing face masks is mandatory outside in public. 
  • Economic and social support measures.
  • … ..

All of the measures above have allowed Morocco to hope for an immediate exit from the state of emergency, a gradual lifting of confinement and a resumption of economic activities in full compliance with sanitary measures and protective gestures, prior to the possible reopening of national borders and welcoming visitors and tourists wishing to visit Morocco again.

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