Answers to some common questions about Morocco as a travel destination

Questions & Answers

Yes everything is included in the price the food that you try, the main meal and the tour guide fees, you don’t have to pay anything extra … of course feel free to tip the guide if you like the service.

Yes, our food tours are usually in the old towns and will include in a way or another some of the most knows city tourists attractions, and again all our tours are customizable and can fit your preferences

Yes, in all the cities we can accommodate English, Arabic, French &  Spanish we have tour guides that speak those languages 

Of course you can do that, and also take the opportunity to ask your tour guide for recommendations for sure they will know the best deals and the most relevant shopping spots.

All our walking food tours will have an average distance of 2.5 Km in a total time of 4 hours along with the tasting stops … it’s a moderate activity

It’s true that in Morocco public bathrooms are not widely available but during your tour do not hesitate to ask your tour guide to show you clean and convenient places for that matter.

Yes you can find alcohol in most of the cities in Morocco, Most of the Hotels as well as some restaurants will have that in their menu … in the big cities there are wine shops, bars, pubs, and nightclubs … in some grocery stores also you can find it.

Morocco is a very safe country, some cities may feel less safe that the others but in General it’s very safe if you’re walking during the day out in the big streets and the known landmarks, as a solo traveler (female or male) or in groups there’s absolutely nothing to worry about

No need to cover your head or wear Hijab if you don’t wear it in your daily life … Morocco is a modern muslim country and once here you will see that even most of moroccan women don’t wear the scarf.

Just in case you’re entering a mosque or a conservative place, as respect to the culture better to wear a long dress and put something over your hair, again Not mandatory but just out of respect.

Yes the tips culture is very common in Morocco, of course if you like the service and you’re satisfied you can tip and it will be accepted … in general it’s not mandatory, totally up to you but tips are always welcome in Morocco and make people happy.

For the how much again it’s up to you and depends on the service but let’s say between 10 to 20% of the total bill will be great …

Yes all our experiences are Vegetarian / Vegan friendly … in Morocco a lot of dishes are already vegetarians and most of the restaurants will have Vegetarian / Vegan options in their menu … reach out to us before hand tell us about your restrictions and we’ll be happy to make sure that you will experience all tours with us with no issues.

An Important Note About Photography

Generalities : In Morocco the camera now is considered a pretty normal device nothing bad about it, but in most cases people will get a little upset if you point the lens in front of their face or pointing their shop or their space, they will just expect a little asking for permission before ... please can i take a photo ? they will normally say Yes with no hesitation and if they say No it's not that big of a deal ... yo can go also sneaky in many spots and take pictures with no one noticing and that's also fine. but as a general Rule people are okay taking pictures they don't mind if you're polite and smiling. Don't Do : - Never take pictures of Policemen, military officers, Military facilities, national security buildings ... it's 100% prohibited to do that. - Don't bring your Drone they might take it from you at the airport and keep it until you're flying back from morocco, Drones are forbidden in morocco. - Don't take pictures of Royal palaces and Royal residences except the ones that are a touristic Attraction.

What to pack for my Morocco trip

depends on the season and also depends on your itinerary, but those are the general rules :

Spring & Fall : March, April, May / September, October, November

An Average temperature of 22°C, rainy from time to time like twice a month, 30% of the days are cloudy and a little chilly

Summer : June, July, August

An Average 28°C temperature in the coastal cities inland cities it gonna get Hot expect some good 32°C to 36°C, always sunny and warm but not Humid which is great

Winter : December, January, February

Average temperature of 18°C, most of the time cloudy, rainy like twice a week, windy some times, it can get very cold during the night like 6 or 8°C … we rarely get snow in some mountain cities like Ifran, Midelt in the other cities No snow at all

All those parameters of course may change depending on the location but keep in mind always that the more north you go it gets colder and the more south it gets hotter.

Essentials : Sunscreen, Hat, Swimsuit, sunglasses, Power adaptor, sweater, appropriate and comfy footware, flipflops, loose fitting pants, a day backpack … and anything you need from home that can’t live without.

Other things : long skirts, long dresses, head scarf if you want to go to a mosque or a conservative place, not mandatory but just out of respect

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