Food Tours in Marrakech: Authentic and Delicious

Food Tours Marrakech Overview:

Going on a food tour is one of the best things to do in Marrakech and one of the main highlights of any holiday in the red city for every food enthusiast! As you get lost in the maze of the bustling alleyways of the medina with your local guide, and as you wander the massive outdoor street food souks, you will be amazed by the long line of food stalls and the various local restaurants displaying a wide range of local foods and Moroccan kitchen specialties. 

With so many food options to choose from, it may seem a bit challenging to decide what type of food to try. So joining a food tour in Marrakech led by a local certified guide is the optimal way of exploring the Imperial City’s diverse food culture. 

When you book a culinary tour of Marrakech, make sure you come hungry! Walk in the medina with your local guide as he shares stories about the Moroccan dishes that you will come across and then sample these treats. 

Usually, your local host will also explain the recipes and the secrets behind these traditional Moroccan dishes. And a food tour in Marrakech with a local foodie offers a great opportunity to learn about Marrakech gastronomy and taste some of the most delicious dishes of Moroccan cuisine. When you book a food tour of Marrakech with Moroccan Food Tour, your local host will be happy to accommodate your areas of interest and special requests. 

What Makes a Great Marrakech Food Tour

When you start thinking about going on a food tour in the red city, you will doubtless start by searching for the perfect food tour. Here are 7 components of an authentic food tour:

  • Your tour guide should be licensed, knowledgeable, friendly, and communication with him should be easy.  
  • The tour should offer a rich and diverse selection of local food and cultural dishes as well as a full meal.
  • The tour should take you to local restaurants and street food vendors that you probably wouldn’t find on your own.
  • Locals should be eating in the places you stop at, while the price of the tour should reflect the quality of the service and the food offered.
  • The focus of the tour is the food culture and location cuisine, so learning about what you are eating and its local significance should be an important component of the tour. 
  • The food tour should offer vegan and vegetarian-friendly options and accommodate your special requirements and needs.
  • And most importantly of all, you should never walk away hungry!

Does Moroccan Food Tour organize food tours in Marrakech?

Yes, Moroccan Food Tour does! They have a carefully crafted food tour in Marrakech programme that varies according to the season, and that can be customized to accommodate any individual culinary interests you may have. You can be sure that you will taste high-quality food chosen carefully from reliable food stalls and local chefs of many years’ experience. 

They offer an extensive variety of Moroccan food tours, though their most popular is their Marrakech medina food tour. Their goal is to provide food enthusiasts the opportunity to savour the type of food that they would experience in a Moroccan home and not just a touristy version. So you can be sure to be trying some of the best dishes prepared by street food vendors, and eating in a local restaurant; the type of places where locals pull a chair.

Their registered tour guide, who knows every corner of the red city, will take you to hidden spots you won’t discover on your own. Their recommended Marrakech food tours usually host up to 12 participants for maximum convenience. However, if you are traveling alone, don’t worry – it is always possible to join a small group with other food enthusiasts – and make new friends. 

So, if you are dreaming of a walking food tour to taste mouth-watering dishes and learn how to recreate your favourite Moroccan dish back home, contact a team of local experts today at Moroccan Food Tour, to help book your food tour in Marrakech.

Now that you know everything about food tours in Marrakech, you can use this handy Marrakech travel guide to make the best of other aspects of your holiday in the red city.



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