Video recipes : Harcha the easiest Moroccan Bread

Hope you enjoyed this very simple classic Moroccan recipe

Harcha the easiest Moroccan Bread that you can make at Home

Harcha Which means in Darija the moroccan dialect “the Rough one”, and the name is for it’s sandy texture referring to the grainy semolina we made the gallettes with. In the traditions this bread was made as a big round shape served on a big plate with a lot of honey and butter melting on top of it, of course with her loyal companion the moroccan mint tea. Now a days you will find it in a small individual shape, easy to serve and customisable. Harcha is super easy to make and you can prepare with one dough multiple variations like cheese, olives or your favorite grains mix.

Recipe : 1 Bowl of Whole wheat fine semolina 2 generous Table spoons of melted butter 2 to 3 Table spoons of olive oil 1 glass 33CL of warm water Optional for the flavor : 2 spoons of Seeds mixture / Herbs thyme and oregano / Black olives

Method : mix first the butter the semolina and some salt to a big bowl and add the olive oil, the grains should be able to stick together if you press them just with the butter and oil, once you reach that, save a handful in a separate bowl and then you can add the glass of water to the big bowl, mix everything until combined and you can add the flavors of your choice, let it rest for 10 min and preheat your cast iron. After the rest time put some of the semolina mixture that you saved in the bottom of your pan form balls the size you want with the dough and press them in the pan until you reach 1Cm thickness, let it cook on a medium heat 10 to 12 Min each side or until you reach the browning desired. Serve it with some tea, honey cheese jam …

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