Is coronavirus transmissible through food?

Confined for several months, travelers from all over the world are impatient to take the roads and discover new horizons. Conscious of the current state of the world, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19), the new measures and restrictions to follow, we have deemed it useful to inform you that scientists and authorities around the world have monitored, until Present, the spread of the virus and no foodborne transmission has been reported.


According to several health organizations “there is no evidence to suggest that food may be a source or a way of transmission of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2”. However, they point out, without exception, the importance of respecting strict hygiene measures when preparing and taking meals, such as washing hands, carefully cooking the meat and preventing potential cross-contamination between cooked and uncooked food.


It is also advisable to follow the standard hygienic rules of precautions which are added to barrier measures : cough or sneeze into your elbow, wash your hands after blowing your nose, use disposable tissues and immediately put them in the trash , respect a the physical distancing of one meter in a queue …


For our part, Moroccan Food Tour is committed, as of now, to sensitize all of its guides and its partners and apply strictly the measures to follow as we prepare the recovery of our activities and our tours with our guests in full compliance with the above rules.

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