Is it safe for women to travel to Morocco?

Short and straight answer, HECK YEAHH !!! here are the details, tips and tricks to travel secure and safely in Morocco 😉

Moroccan Food Tour has been frequently contacted by female travelers who wish to visit Morocco, but they remain skeptical to start their adventure, held back by some negative articles and controversial opinions.

In this article will try to clarify some ideas concerning travel either solo woman or as a group of women in Morocco, and also advise on good tips and practices to travel safely and fully enjoy your stay.

Before dwelling onto advices and practices to follow during the trip, it is always a good idea to mention that Morocco is the most stable country security wise and also politically in Middle east / North Africa. This stability has allowed tourism figures in Morocco to increase year after year (before the covid-19 crisis) and to develop, on one hand, infrastructures around tourism, hotels, roads, attractions, healthcare and logistics … on the other hand, tourism services and activities. One major thing also that is worth mentioning is mainly the mentality of local citizens, historically and culturally moroccans are predisposed to welcome, accept and share their life style with foreigners.

Regarding the women position, Moroccan culture has always honored her role in society on all levels (political, economic, societal and family). This culture which dates back several centuries has been traced in history through several examples of prosperity and success of women in Morocco, such as Fatima Fihriya (Founder of the oldest university in the world “Univesité Al Quarwiyine”), Zineb Nafzaouia (Queen of the Al Moravides dynasty), Sayda Al Hora (Governor of the city of Tetouan and the northwest region of Morocco for more than 30 years). More than that, right after the independence from the French protectorat women rights was a priority folder for the newly formed moroccan government, During the late 50s and early 60s many rights were given to women before the western world, here in Morocco a woman had the right to open a bank account, work for the government, or independently and that was before when women could do that in France neither in Spain …

Frequently asked questions about a woman’s trip to Morocco

# 1 Clothing

Morocco is an Islamic country, however local or foreign women are not required to wear a headscarf (hijab), except when visiting religious buildings just out of respect. In addition, it is advisable to avoid dresses that are too short or too revealing when touring the old towns to avoid unusual looks, but you can wear whatever you want in the modern parts of the cities … again the more showing

# 2 Racism

Morocco is safe for all citizens of the world regardless of their nationality, gender, or religious or ethnic affiliation. we accept all humans (and puppies :D)  with no exception

# 3 harassment

It is possible to come across some malicious and provocative people. In the worst case scenario, this will not cross the threshold of oral harassment, yet this is criminalized by Moroccan laws. The best advice is to just ignore them without feeling compelled to respond.

# 4 Crime

Security is one of Morocco’s number one achievements. Tourists and locals have rarely been confronted with dangerous or compromising situations. However, like everywhere else in the world, any traveler should exercise caution and be aware of the environment at all times.

Tips and tricks for traveling to Morocco safely as a woman

Focus on group activities.

Being with a group feels always safer than being alone, but even if you like being solo just try to stay in places with people around …

Call on the Service of Tourism Professionals.

A tour guide or a professional driver comes in many situation super handy, they will know places, they know about dangers that can occur in each location and they know how to deal with situations if something is about to happen …

Avoid night outings in places with little or no traffic.

That’s a general international safety rule it is highly recommended to avoid less crowded locations during the night, you can of course go out dining, partying or just walking during the night but that should be in places where people are for the same purpose …

Learn from previous reviews from travelers.

Internet nowadays is a must have tool during your travel, it can save you so much headache, reviews on all travel platforms can give you a great idea about what to expect …

Better to have a functioning cellphone, to make calls and reach out for help Just in case.

Especially here in Morocco, a sim card costs 2 euros, and for an additional 5 euros, you will get plenty of calls and data, it is totally worth the money and you will stay in touch with the world during your stay, also 19 is the police number here in Morocco 😉

Walk always with a sens of purpose.

It is better recommended to not look lost, if you do you’re more likely to be a target, but again there are always good people in the streets that you can ask, Moroccans, as said previously, eager to share with you their culture and help you navigate your way around, in this case just trust your feelings.

Public transportation.

Always try to sit next to women or families it’s just a precaution especially if you’re a solo traveler, also most of women tent to show empathy and start a conversation especially with a foreigner like that you will not feel alone during your commute or travel days …

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