Legal use and production of cannabis in Morocco

The Moroccan government had already approved a bill on the legal use of cannabis in the near future. This bill would consist of allowing cannabis farmers in Morocco to join “cooperatives” and market their products to companies specialized in health or medicinal purposes.

To do this, the bill stimulates the creation of a Moroccan governmental agency which will supervise and manage the production of the said cooperatives and define the conditions of their production as well as the geographical area in which this magnificent plant will be allowed for cultivation.

The said bill was introduced when the Moroccan authorities adopted, on February 11, 2021, the recommendations of the World Health Organization, relating to the withdrawal of cannabis from the fourth list of narcotics with dangerous properties.

As a reminder, the proposal to legalize the cultivation, distribution and trade of cannabis in Morocco is not new, and has long been a subject of great controversy. However, the Moroccan government says that this time the proposal is based on studies which have shown that Morocco “can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the global legal cannabis market”.

However, the consumption, trafficking and cultivation of drugs outside the terms of the bill will remain criminalized by Moroccan criminal laws.

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