Video recipes : Moroccan Pan Bread Batbout or Mkhamer

What is up guys, A soft and chewy texture, a perfect bread for some savory fillings, you can make them a one bite size or bigger like a sandwich, Or it can be also the breakfast bread with some jam or honey spread on the top of it. The recipe is similar to the Moroccan Regular Bread “Khobz” but it’s cooked in a Hot pan here’s the recipe guys :

Moroccan Pan Bread + mini sandwiches

Bread :

Ingredients : – 250G Bread flour – 250G Semolina flour – 2Ts of active dry yeast – 1Ts od Salt – 1/2Ts Sugar – Warm Water.

Method : Put all your dry ingredient in a large container and preserve some of the semolina flour for later, start adding some water little by little while needing the mixture until you obtain a sticky ball of dough, it should be consistant firm enough and sticky, let it rise for a min of two hours or until it doubled in size. form some balls the size you want your breads put it back in the container and let it rise for another hour. After the second rise time to shape your bread on a generously floured working surface using the semolina flour that we put aside. put the bread on a tray and let it rest covered with a kitchen towel. Heat your cast iron put some melted butter and time to cook your bread, it should take up to 10min from each side or until golden brown.

Filling : – 2 carrots – 2 zucchini – 1 Onion – 250 Chicken breast – Olive oil, black pepper, salt and your favorite Hot Sauce Everything goes in a pan until cooked. Fill you mini sandwiches and you’re good to go.

Served from Morocco with Love

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