Moroccan Street Food Tours Youtube series With Luke and Sabrina from @ChopstickTravel

First let’s cheer you up with this announcement !!

Moroccan Food Tour is about to welcome back to Morocco the two Canadian Youtubers Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson from @ChopstickTravel channel ( + 1M subscribers).


The final goal of this production is to widely promote tourism in our country, to gain greater visibility to Morocco as a destination and to exhibit the quality of services offered by national establishments.

Concerned about having a successful recovery after returning to normal life, announced in Morocco from May 2021, it was agreed with @ChopstickTravel to invite them again. A visit scheduled during this year 2021, to hopefully produce a new series like the first successful ones.

Here are some insights and highlights about the first visit


Moroccan Food Tour was behind the idea of the first trip to the Kingdom of Morocco, in September 2019 with @ChopstickTravel. This first visit resulted with the release of 04 videos series , with a total views recorded, so far (Feb 2021), approaching 10 million views. The results of this production had exceeded our expectations in terms of viewing and exposure as agency, before that momentum was hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

First Episode:

The first episode of the Moroccan series, posted in November 2019, praised Street Food in Marrakech. Thus Luke and Sabrina took part in our Marrakech Food Tour, where they discovered a variety of local Moroccan specialties, such as Bean soup (Bissara), fruit juices, olives, pastry cakes Moroccan, snail soup, La Tanjia, etc… ..

We invite you to watch this first episode: https://youtu.be/xQM0T7XKa6k

Second episode:

For the second episode, Moroccan Food Tour introduced Luke and Sabrina from @ChopstickTravel to a variation of indigenous Moroccan cuisine. Our hosts were invited to an Amazigh family in Tahanaout (Marrakech region) where they witnessed the preparation of a whole lamb roasted in an underground communal oven, before being invited to a traditional lunch at the berber’s home. This experience is now marketed on our platform under the name Berber Village Roasted Lamb.

Watch this second episode: https://youtu.be/pTr3GJtrBdo

Third Episode:

The third episode of the Moroccan series posted by @ChopstickTravel in partnership with Moroccan Food Tour began with our Casablanca Food Tour. A feast of fish and shellfish was offered to Luke and Sabrina at the city’s Central Market, before visiting the Hassan II Mosque and the City Corniche. We two influencers were subsequently invited to a family dinner in the city of Rabat, where they were hosted by our Chef Lhaja who prepared them a Pastilla in the traditional way, a salty-sweet greeting tagine with his garnish of caramelized fruits as well as many other Moroccan salads and accompaniments.

Third episode video link: https://youtu.be/BNXyoFit2KQ

Fourth Episode:

The last and fourth episode of this series was filmed in the ancestral city of Fez. During this episode, we two guests first explored the old medina, rich in history and architecture before starting with us their Fez Food Tour and tasting of local products and the discovery of renowned artisans, before being invited to taste an enormous dish of couscous in a Riad built for centuries.

We invite you to watch this last episode: https://youtu.be/3O7j2qrxQ1A


About @ChopsticksTravel:


Foodie international travelers Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson (@ChopstickTravel) make videos about local, authentic and unique foods from around the world. The two youtubers particularly adore tasting street food. Based between Canada and Taiwan, they travel most of their time around the world in search of the best food. They have been to Morocco, Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Canada and the list continues to grow. Their mission is to create content that is entertaining, informative, honest and fun.

Youtube channel @ChopstickTravel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LukeMartin

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