Moroccan food: A healthy lifestyle

Many of the ingredients found in Moroccan food promote good health, as Moroccan food tends to rely on whole food ingredients freshly prepared, sing herbs and spices for flavor rather than deep frying. Bread tends to be baked from whole grains, … Read More

The inescapable Moroccan mint tea

Moroccan mint tea is one of the many rites and traditions that surround tea. Although its history is quite recent, this recipe has been exported to many countries thanks to its refreshing virtues and its unique taste, which appeals to … Read More

Is coronavirus transmissible through food?

Confined for several months, travelers from all over the world are impatient to take the roads and discover new horizons. Conscious of the current state of the world, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19), the new measures and restrictions … Read More

Coronavirus in Morocco: statistics, measures, restrictions and travel ban

As the information related to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) changes daily, in particular regarding it’s developments in the Kingdom of Morocco and  the authorities decisions about the legal provisions, the measures to follow and the travel bans and movement restrictions, … Read More

Video recipes : Moroccan Pan Bread Batbout or Mkhamer Moroccan Pan Bread + mini sandwiches Bread : Ingredients : – 250G Bread flour – 250G Semolina flour – 2Ts of active dry yeast – 1Ts od Salt – 1/2Ts Sugar – Warm Water. Method : Put all your … Read More

Video recipes : Sweet Moroccan vegetables starters fresh & easy Pumpkin mash Starter Ingredients : – ½ Kg Pumpkin – Salt, sugar, cinnamon, turmeric Method : The pumpkins should be peeled cut to 1 inch cubes and boiled just for 5 to 7 min with a small cup of … Read More

We lunched Moroccan Workshop

You do think you’re not an artisan? or especially if you do not not have the opportunity to try to be. This reflection was the trigger for “Moroccan WorkShop” concept, a platform offering tourists and local visitors of ancestral cities and … Read More

A little tour of what you can eat in Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is famous for the Tagine and the Couscous. For sure these two recipes are delicious, but Moroccan food is much more than just that. It is a feast of flavors. To talk about Moroccan cuisine, it is necessary … Read More

Video recipes : Fresh & healthy fruit Juices Avocado shake "Zaâzaâ"

Fresh & healthy fruit Juices Avocado shake “Zaâzaâ” and a surprise Back again with another quick and healthy avocado shake mixed with some dry fruits almonds walnuts dates and raisins, and another fresh orange based juice with some seasonal fruits … Read More

Moroccan History TimeLine

MOROCCAN FOOD TOUR -History TimeLine-   -2000: The first Amazigh King: 03 peoples and regions in North Africa. Moors (Morocco) Numides (Algeria, Tunisia, North Libya) Gétules (Sahara).  -1000: Phoenicians arrived: Language and religion Metals, New plants and spices. Trading hubs. … Read More