Our handcraft workshops


Why Moroccan Workshops ?

You’re not a craftsman ? Did you try to be one ? This thought was the trigger to our workshops concept. It is a platform offering tourists and domestic visitors of cities and historic regions in the Kingdom of Morocco a set of participatory workshops and group activities revolving around Moroccan artisanal and handicraft arts. Moroccan Food Tour's mission is to take you across the barriers of standard tourism. It will place you in direct contact with local artisans and their daily lives in order to explore, for a few hours, traditional arts of Morocco. It will also enable you to learn some of its ancient techniques, brought down from generation to another.

Safety First

We carefully choose our workshop partners, the safest, the cleanest, and the most authentic artisans in each city

Passionate Craftsmen

Our artisans know everything there is to know about their craft its culture and history, their passion driven

Fexibility & Customization

Our workshops runs usually in small groups, our partner are true artists they can help you make whatever you would love to achieve...

Our Handcraft workshop

Novices, Experts or just curious, no prerequisites are needed to take part in our Moroccan workshops. All the necessary equipment will be provided and you will take with you the finished products.

Make 2 souvenirs

Rabat – Zellige Tiles Workshop

60 € / person

Make 2 souvenirs

Rabat – Artisanal Drawing on Canvas or Moroccan Pottery

60 € / person

6 Hours Workshop


70 € / person

2 Hours Workshop


35 € / person


Common Highlights

Very passionate artisans with plenty of knowledge about their craftsmanship, Always smiling and happy to share, choose your experience from the list of workshops that we can host, Wherever you are in Morocco, we will offer you a unique Moroccan artisanal hands on Workshop.

Tea coffee and bottled water

Of course our artisans are very hospitable like most of moroccans, we love to chitchat around our cup of tea and have great time talking about anything and nothing ... feel free to ask for refills it's free

Guided Tour of the workshop

You will get introduced to the workshop and the area surrounding it and all the shops that contribute to make a complicated final product, you will be part of the community of makers in the area

Perfect culture introduction

We believe that sharing is caring, we do love our craftsmanship and it's diversity in Morocco, and we would love to show you very old technics and tools that our ancestors used to work with

Easy to reach meeting points

We choose carefully our partners and shop locations, we set up meeting point that are easily accessible, your teacher will get you from the meeting and take you to his shop where you will be working with him

Small groups

The staff, the atmosphere, the space and your workshop animator all comes together to make the experience fun, safe and friendly, perfect for couples, children, friends ... all setups

Photo Friendly

Our guides and partners are always smiling and they will always welcome you with your camera with literraly no issues feel free to take as much pictures on our artisanal workshops

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