Relations between Morocco and Israel, jewish heritage, great history and values are in the spotlight

The identity, history and values ​​of the Kingdom of Morocco are reconciled with the past.

It’s with great joy and gratitude that we have received the news of the relations resumption between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel. Morocco, a country of coexistence and peace, thus opens wide arms to Moroccan Jews or of Moroccan origin to continue to discover the country of their ancestors, its customs and its culture.

It is true that the conquest of Islam in the 7th century represent a founding moment of the Moroccan nation, however, centuries before, the country already had its identity, culture, history and roots. The told stories and scientific researches all emphasize traces of the Amazighs (Berbers) presence to more than 9000 years and the Jews of Morocco to 3000 years. Since the arrival of the first Phoenician ships to the Moroccan coasts, the Jewish community starts co-existing with the Amazighs before registering a massive movement of immigration after the destruction of the temple of Solomon by the Babelians (-500BC). Also during the 15th century the Kingdom registered a second wave of jews migrating due to the “reconquista” or the Spanish inquisition of the Iberian peninsula … what made Morocco back in the day having the biggest jewish community in all the islamic countries.

Throughout our common history, respect, peace, love and cohabitation have always been under the spotlight in various Moroccan cities. Today, the last remaining Jewish traders in Morocco and the entire Jewish community in the country welcome this decision and eagerly await the start of direct air links between the two countries.

For this revival and reconciliation, Moroccan Food Tour has decided to design and set up Experiences, Guided Tours and Activities around the cultural, historical and culinary heritage of Moroccan Jews, allowing our guests to embrace their roots, strengthen kinship ties with their brothers, and visit places of worship and historic sacred places. Check out this page for more details :

Jewish heritage Tours by Moroccan food tour

Finally, we also take the opportunity to affirm the need to preserve the special status of Jerusalem, its sacred character and its Islamic character which represents a spiritual and religious value in the hearts of Moroccans.

“We don’t have Jews in Morocco, only Moroccans.” Response of King Mohammed V to the French regime during the Second World War, which strongly reflects the legitimate place of the Jews in the history of Morocco. A position of principle which was verified during the reign of the late Hassan II and which continues with His Majesty Mohammed VI.

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  1. Sulaiman Martheze

    The fate of Palestinians, besieged and brutalised in their own country, blissfully ignored.

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