The Famous Couscous

Couscous is THE dish that any self-respecting Moroccan family eat every Friday. Being the National dish of several countries from Morocco to Tunisia through Algeria, the couscous speaks to everyone but is cooked a thousand different ways, according to seasonal products. This dish has charmed various European countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Portugal thanks to its taste and simplicity.

Semolina, various fresh vegetables, a meat, a good broth of vegetables, and presto, you have a couscous !

Where does this international dish come from?

Different theories are accepted as to the origin of couscous, but the most widespread, is the one that testifies to a Berber origin. But historians are divided on the exact origin of couscous and the date of its appearance in the Maghreb. Some of them affirm it is from China, others says from Eastern Africa from Sudan via Egypt.

After its appearance, each country in the Maghreb has adopted this concept to create their own recipe.

The Moroccan couscous

Traditional Moroccan couscous with seven vegetables

A non-exhaustive but fairly representative selection. Carrots, turnips, pumpkin, tomatoes, beef, lamb or mutton, flavored with spices such as saffron, ginger, ras-el-hanout, not to mention aromatic herbs such as coriander, make up this traditional Moroccan couscous.

Couscous t’faya, with chicken, cinnamon and raisins

For lovers of sweet and savory association, t’faya will satisfy them. This couscous with raisins and caramelized onions is flavored with cinnamon and served with chicken.

For both types, be careful not to mix two meats to flavor the couscous, the choice of a single meat is sufficient.

As a tourist in Morocco, you can eat couscous wherever you go, especially on Fridays. In restaurants or small cafes on Fridays, a good couscous with his glass of Lben awaits you wisely to be tasted. The price never exceeds 60-70dh (6 or 7 Euros), in casual venues.

Or join our cooking sessions, to prepare and enjoy your own couscous with the help of a great chef.

The Algerian couscous

The couscous with a white sauce

An Algerian couscous made from turnips and zucchini served with chicken or lamb meat. The name “white sauce” actually refers to the clear broth obtained from cooking vegetables and meat.

The couscous with a red sauce

Its name comes from the color obtained thanks to tomato (fresh or concentrated) and paprika.

The other characteristic that one could lend to the two Algerian couscous is the presence of the cardoons, a plant cousin of the artichoke which you consumes only the ribs.

The Tunisian couscous

Even though Tunisia’s culinary heritage includes couscous on the grounds of meat, fish couscous holds the top spot especially in coastal cities of Tunisia. Rougets, pageots, mullets, groupers are all fish that go into the composition of these couscous of the sea. These fish couscous can be served with different vegetables (carrots, squash, potatoes, and so on ) Or without (except sweet or strong peppers and tomato sauce).

Its particularity : the ocher color of the semolina, impregnated with a tomato sauce, turmeric, paprika and harissa. It’s the same for couscous with sardines or couscous with cherkaw (a little silver fish reminiscent of smelt).

Various modern couscous recipes

Couscous can be served as a simple side dish, much like pasta or potatoes, but it can also be used in many deliciously surprising ways you may not have thought of. Try preparing couscous using one of these recipes.

Honeyed couscous pudding

Fans of rice pudding should try this version that uses couscous and pitted dates instead of rice and raisins. It’s sweetened with honey and topped with pistachios.

Breakfast couscous with dried fruit compote

Start your day with couscous prepared like oatmeal and topped with compote that uses dried fruits and black tea.

Israeli couscous and tomato salad with arugula pesto

Substantial enough for a vegetarian main course, this salad can be made with several different colors of tomatoes to brighten things up. For extra presentation points, try serving a scoop of the couscous salad over a bed of arugula or mixed greens.

Couscous flatbreads

Couscous used along with flour will give flatbread a distinct flavor. The finished flatbreads can be topped with a variety of vegetables and cheeses to be cooked like a pizza.

Spicy couscous muffins

Have you ever considered putting chili powder, cheese and caramelized onions in a muffin? Why not? If you’re making a savory muffin with couscous, those ingredients make perfect sense.
Delicious recipes that can be made at home for the most experienced or during our cooking classes with great chefs who will make you discover the joys of preparing a couscous while having a good time.

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