Tour in Rabat with the Sweet Wanderlust and Curious Clair

There is no more happiness and pleasure than satisfied Guests and receiving valuable testimonials from experienced travelers and professional bloggers in the culinary world.  Both of them trusted us and choose us among other agencies to make them discover the history, the culture, the traditions and especially the Moroccan gastronomy.

Brittany and Claire who were the guests of our co-founder Mohamed and his mother in Rabat, here are two fabulous articles talking about their experiences with us. We invite you to discover their perspective.

The sweet wanderlust:

Brittany Kulick started the travel blogging experience in a spectacular way in 2015, when she launched The Sweet Wanderlust. In August 2015, she said goodbye to Texas to embark on a career that allowed her to explore this great world and share it. Since then, more than 150,000 people have trusted The Sweet Wanderlust to recommend the best desserts and the best adventures. We invite you to read and discover his article on the experience in Rabat with the tour of Moroccan Food Tour

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Curious Claire:

Claire is a British blogger based in London. She started writing in her travel blog more than 4 years ago. At first, Claire says it was just a fun way to document her travels. She had never imagined that it would attract so many readers. We invite you to read and discover his article on the experience in Rabat with Moroccan Food Tour.

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