City Tours

Jewish Heritage Tours

Jewish heritage Tours Delighted by the reconciliation and the resumption of official relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and its brotherly Jewish people, Moroccan Food Tour has launched Experiences, Tours and Activities that revolve around the Judeo-Moroccan heritage. Your “Moroccan … Read More

Photography Tours

Photography Tours Amateur photographer or professional, you Need inspiration, expertise, support or just a local photographer to show you around, Join our Photography Tours and enjoy a fusion between the best hidden angles beside the tourist attractions, let your self … Read More

Cultural Tours

City Tours Moroccan Food Tour offers you the opportunity to discover the best of Moroccan ancestral cities through our “Moroccan City Tours”! You will visit with the company of an official licensed tour guide, a local connoisseur, a set of … Read More

Shopping Tours

Shopping Tours You are in Morocco? Do you want to go shopping? Moroccan Food Tour will allow you to discover the best of Moroccan ancestral cities and save a fortune! You will visit in with an official licensed tour guide, … Read More

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