We lunched Moroccan Food Shop

Moroccan Food Shop invites you to discover its high-end selection of the best 100% Moroccan local products, authentic, traditional and with typical flavors. Through this online store, we share with you the natural treasures of Morocco.


The Shop offers you the possibility to buy top quality Moroccan spices, local wild vegetable plants, a selection of pure honey, argan oil and virgin olive as well as different types of couscous. 05 High-end product packages are available to you, accessible via the online store, namely: “Spices Ready Mixes”, “Essentiels Moroccan Spices”, “Couscous Varieties”, “Healthy Moroccan Breakfast” and “Herbes & Tisane” .

In its eco-responsible approach, Moroccan Food Shop is rigorous in the choice of partners. They are required to source mainly from mountain mothers, experts in the harvest and production of wild and cultivated plants with total respect for the lush Atlas mountains and to select the best products from traditional agriculture. , without fertilizers or pesticides.

Through this Moroccan Food Tour project and its partners Herbio and the Yenna Agricultural Cooperative are supporting farmers and harvesters in the sustainability of their land, the improvement of their living conditions as well as commitment to the ecological spirit.

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