We lunched Moroccan Workshop

You do think you’re not an artisan? or especially if you do not not have the opportunity to try to be. This reflection was the trigger for “Moroccan WorkShop” concept, a platform offering tourists and local visitors of ancestral cities and historic regions of the Kingdom of Morocco, a set of collaborative workshops and participatory activities. around traditional Moroccan artisanal and handcraft arts.


Moroccan WorkShop’s mission is to take you across the barriers of standard tourism and put you in direct contact with local artisans and their daily lives, to explore, for a few hours, the traditional art of Morocco and learn some of its ancient techniques , transmitted from generation to generation.

Newbies, Experts or just Curious, our workshops and our activities are aimed to anyone who wants to experiment with know-how, acquire new skills or just admire and appreciate the art of HandMade, within a benevolent atmosphere where knowledge sharing is put forward.

No prerequisites are necessary to take part in our workshops, which are supervised by animators / craftsmen, who will guide you on the working techniques, tools and the materials used. The detailed program of the workshop is defined by the trainers, and could be readjusted during the session to provide training tailored to the participants. 

Anxious to offer you the best experience at the right price, we demand many standards and criteria to our partners while inviting them to engage and share the spirit of Moroccan Cooking Class. As such, we perform on-site recurring checks of services offered on our site in the various cities of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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