What a Shame! A loss for all of us.

First of all our sincere condolences to the families of lisa and marry, may peace be open them souls, the moroccan food tour family feel so sorry for the loss of two beautiful free young spirits. No words are enough to express our sorrow.

Today, the whole travellers community feels deeply touched by what happened at one of the most beautiful and peaceful places. IMLIL, that berber village where serenity and beauty all mixed up together to form one of morocco most wanted destinations by tourists for its natural ressources, and one of the most important stations on the way to climbing the toubkal mountain. The locals are well known for their exaggerated hospitality and are the country example for their generosity.

Once, we moroccans were so proud of our national security and the people’s hospitality, but today we feel ashamed. ashamed of an ideology that we never concord with, ashamed of a savage acte clamming to be the righteous, ashamed of a terrorist attack that rhyme with no religion.

Therefor, on saturday the 22nd december 2018, a peaceful solidarity walk will be organised in both RABAT and MARRAKECH. Saturday, moroccans will march all together denouncing and condemning the cruel acte that took two members of the travellers family.


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