Moroccan Gastronomy

Discover Morocco and its culinary culture through the ancient medinas of Rabat, Fez and Marrakech with MOROCCAN FOOD TOUR

Moroccan culinary culture, the main locomotive for the touristic and socio-economic development in the Kingdom, offers endless rich dishes, authentic and tasteful in terms of products of terroir used and savoir-faire, reflecting the rich history of Morocco and its ancestral traditions along with the regional particularities.

Thanks to its geographical position at the crossroad of different cultures and civilizations, Moroccan gastronomy is the result of a coalition of many culinary cultures coming from different horizons and the influence of the local diversity: Berber, Arabo-Muslim, Jewish, Andalusian and Mediterranean.

In Morocco, it is not a question of preparing food and eating only; it is a matter of celebrating ceremonial traditions to savor the course within a sharing spirit. Moroccans love receiving relatives at home, friends, guests and tourists to share a traditional dish and/or a Mint tea.

The richness of our tasteful gastronomy is ranked among the 3 best gastronomies in the world. This success is due mainly to the quality of the Moroccan terroir products we are using; which Products are in continuous evolution in terms of quality or variety.

On the market, we can buy Argan and olive oils, flavoring and medical plants, dates, Safran, Couscous and all derivatives thereof, rose-based products, cactus derivatives, citrus, spices… Purely Moroccan products known for their quality and their biological character (very low level of pesticides.)

Note, please, that the Moroccan culinary art is not limited to Couscous or Tajines. It is a very rich and healthy cuisine. Each dish is cooked with an aim to value the products used.

MOROCCAN FOOD TOUR is inviting you to this experience to discover more deeply the Kingdom of Morocco through its cuisine and culture through walking tours, flavored by many stops at traditional food artisans known for their unique recipes.
Routes proposed by Moroccan FOOD TOUR are a perfect introduction to Moroccan gastronomy. You can savor a large choice of Moroccan terroir products  while taking advantage of explications and anecdotes on the city and the savored products.

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